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Welcome Readers to my WORLD where Everyone's Worth Knowing, even fictional Storybook Characters! I'm DJPM (Debra Juanita Phillips Miller), the DJ who spins stories, not records! This book blog was created to showcase me and my daughter's self-published fictional novellas and novelettes that I affectionately call paperbacklets. They are short stories hidden between thin paper covers (slightly similar to magazine covers) with stapled binding and xeroxed copied text which contains 75 or less pages. I want the WORLD to get to meet the characters who make our stories come to life. This blog is where the characters not only prove to the WORLD that they are worth knowing, but they prove that you are too! Why? Because you've come to this blog to read more about our characters and their stories. To read more about their stories click on the 'older posts' at the bottom of this blog. A release date for their stories will be posted soon. The next post is the Spotlight Read. It features a 'Meet And Greet The Characters' post where some of the characters from this fall's paperbacklets want to introduce themselves and excerpts from their stories to you!  So en......

"Excuse me! Excuse  me for interrupting DJ and readers, but I have to do some shameless self-promotion! Hi, I'm character Desmond Lynnzee from the paperbacklet 'THERE'S ALWAYS MORE TO THE STORY' and boy am I a character worth knowing! I am in some terrible, terrible deep trouble and to find out what I've done just go to this blog's sister blog at"........he suddenly stopped when he was rudely interrupted...........

"Hey! Who is that up there and why are you interrupting DJ?" Junior, a character from the Spotlight Read post down below, asked suspiciously as the other characters featured in the post with her wondered too.

"Uh-oh! Got to go! Now I'm in trouble with the characters below me in the next post too because I'm taking you away from reading about them! Go ahead and check them out first, then come back up here and go to the Reading Marathon at where you'll get to read my full- length novelette and two other short stories! See you there!" Desmond finished in a whisper and left as surprisingly quick as he had come.

Well readers, you see who really run this blog huh? My characters are something else! Anyway as I was saying up above before I was interrupted,.......So enjoy the following Spotlight Read below.
Spotlight Read! Welcome! In my WORLD this is where the light shines bright on some anxious characters.  In my WORLD characters are not only read, they are heard because you as readers give them a voice. They love making long stories short! In this post,  'Meet And Greet The Characters', you'll  meet nine fictional characters who are dieing to introduce themselves and their mini excerpts from their short story novelettes to you! So let's start off by meeting a wannabe psychic who causes unbelievable chaos in her backwoods town.......

     "Well hello readers! I'm the beautiful DeSander 'Junior' Jones from the 18 page novelette, OUR FIFTEEN MINUTES OF FAME: THE DEVINE INTERVENTION, and since she's not here to speak for herself I would also like to introduce Eveena 'Eve' Evergreen, a proofreader with body image and family problems, from the novelette EVE'S RESOLUTION. We're definately characters worth knowing because you, the reader, should want to know who we are and why we are who we are...that's right, I'm all that and then some! So with that said I also want to tell you that it's time for us to say goodbye by moving on. Our excerpts will no longer grace this Spotlight Read. Why? Because they're over at the Reading Marathon,, inside our novelettes! The annoying character from the welcome post, Desmond Lynnzee, has a story over there too. Now I know you're going to tell every reader you know to get over to the Reading Marathon and check us out! How do I know you will? Duh!!! I'm a wannabe psychic remember? So don't you keep us waiting either! By the way, I almost forgot. I want you to meet the characters whose excerpts are replacing ours. The handsome Majalen and the adorable Philip. Take it away boys!


     "Thanks so much for the warm welcome Junior. Hello ladies and gentlemen. I'm 27 year old Majalen Byrd from the soon to be released novelette, JALEBYRD'S SONG AND DANCE. I'm a character worth knowing because I am an ex-con, turned singer, who's going back to my unforgiving hometown to visit my ailing mother and fulfill my tour obligation to sing at one of the town's hottest nightclubs. By the way, I have a secret that I'm trying to keep hidden, but as you will read in the following excerpt it's not going to be a secret for long.......

     After shaking the hand of his last parishoner, Reverend Moland "Mo" Hollis came back into the Church to find Majalen laughing and talking to his twenty-four year old daughter Gerber who was about to get the Church organist, forty year old Willa. The Reverend sternly told him to stay away from his daughter and to leave his Church.
     "I will leave Reverend Mo, as soon as I talk to Willa." he said as Gerber left.
     "You have no business talking to anyone here in the house of the Lord."
     "Look, I'm sorry about the past. Can't we leave the past in the past? You've always said, God is all about forgiveness."
     "You're right, but I am not a sinner. I've had issues, but I found my way through God's love. You know nothing about his love because you don't believe in him. I'm a man of God, yet I am only a man and a father. So speaking as one, I will not allow you to corrupt this daughter like you did my favorite Raylene. You are not welcome here so please leave."
     "As soon as I talk to Willa."
     "Not in here you won't. I will not allow you to corrupt another woman in my Church. You made Raylene run off to the armed forces in shame and embarrassment because of what you had done. She couldn't face me, the Church, or the town because of her supposed love for you. You broke her heart when you killed those people while you were drunk."
     "I was not drunk and your daughter Raylene isn't as innocent as you think Reverend Mo. I'm outta here!" Majalen angrily finished and stormed out the Church. Gerber ran after him.
     "What were you trying to tell my daddy back there?"


     "Hey to all of you Readers of family oriented fantasy trilogies! I'm 10 year old Philip Alexander from the soon to be released three part saga novella, THE PONY TALE: THE TRUTH ABOUT TIMBERLIN. I'm a character worth knowing because you'd think I was your average ordinary boy but I'm not! Together you and I will learn why I am suppose to help save mankind and protect a beautiful mystical pony named Timberlin from a 100 year old secret organization who wants to destroy humans and Timberlin! I hope the following excerpts will convince you to join me on my dangerous quest that will take me on an incredible journey like no one in history has ever encountered!.......

     "Good evening Mr. and Mrs. Green. Thank you for coming over for birthday cake and ice cream." Philip said looking at their suitcases. "Where are you going?" he asked puzzled.
     "Something very important has come up and we have to leave town tonight, but before we go we have a birthday present for you." Mrs. Green said as she and Mr. Green stepped aside to reveal Timberlin. He stood with a big red ribbon around his neck tied in a bow. Philip couldn't believe his eyes.
     "He's all yours son. We want you to have him as your very own. We can't take him with us so we want you to have him because we trust you." Mr. Green said.
     "We know you will take good care of him." Mrs. Green smiled as Philip ran to Timberlin and hugged him tight. He looked at his mom with tears in his eyes.
     "Can I have him mom? Please?" he asked as she nodded with a smile.
     "Of course you can Philip. It's your birthday. I believe our barn is big enough for Timberlin."
     "Thank you mom! Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Green! Look Russell! I have my very own pony!" Philip shouted with glee.
     "I see Philip. I'm happy for you son." Russell smiled as the Greens gave Ann a suitcase full of baby bottles filled with liquid vitamins for Timberlin. They explained that he needed to take them every night for a month. They then gave Philip a quick kiss goodbye on the cheek and left. They walked down the dark road as they whispered to each other.
     "Okay it's done. Timberlin should be safe with Philip since he was chosen at birth to be the lover of horses and protector of men." Rose said.
     "Yes, now finally the change can take place and the organization will no longer exist." Tomm finished as the two disappeared down the road.

Bonus excerpt: Weeks later......

     Philip's mother Ann told the Greens that Timberlin had finished the vitamins and asked them exactly what were the vitamins for.
     "They weren't exactly vitamins Ann. They were an old family recipe that was used long ago to help animals, and people too, to feel better and overcome things that threatened their llives."
     "So what was wrong with Timberlin?"
     "Well I can't get into it right now Ann. It doesn't concern you." Tomm said.
     "Of course it concerns me. You gave a sick pony to my son?"
     "Heavens no. Timberlin is as strong as they come. You were blessed to have him come into your life."
     "Well if I'm so blessed why are we being cursed? Some man has been coming around trying to kill Timberlin. Can you tell me why this man is after Timberlin?"
     "No I can't,....not right now. It's not the right time. It's too much more to this story and I don't have the time to get into it."
     "So you know? You knew this man would try to hurt Timberlin? You put my son's life in danger on purpose? How dare you!" Ann said angrily as Tomm jumped in.
     "Ann, Philip was the chosen one. He is the only one who can protect Timberlin." he said.
     "From what?"
     "We can't tell you. You won't understand Ann. You won't believe us."


     "Welcome readers! I'm Kristopher Barber from the novelette, THE LAST BARBER. The two lovely ladies above me do have interesting stories to tell, but my story is worth reading because I'm really a character worth knowing.  I work as a barber with my father Kristian, my twin brother Kacey and his wife Regina in our family owned barbershop business.  During an unforeseen freak accident, which involved me, my father and brother, my father decided that only one of us should survive the accident. You and I may be able to find out why when you read my story,....but for now check out the following two, merged and out of context, excerpts between me and my sister-in-law Regina".............

     "Why did Kristian literally knock Kacey down to get to you? He left Kacey to die but made sure you lived. Most parents would die for their children. Kristian should have pushed both of you out the way. Why did he choose you over Kacey? What made you so special Kris?"
     "What do you mean? He did push both of us."
     "No he didn't. He reached over Kacey to push you out the way. I saw him from the doorway."
     "No he didn't. He wouldn't deliberately jeopardize Kacey's life to save mine."
     "Well that's exactly what he did."
     "I didn't know this." he said confused.
     "I guess not. You didn't have too much time to notice anything."           


     "Thanks for stopping by the Spotlight Read readers! If you enjoyed meeting the above characters, our competition, then you're going to love what we have in store for you even better! Myself and the following characters are from the paperbacklet collection FOUR STORIES OF LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. Hi! I'm Cyrus from the first story in this collection, 'Cyrus Of New York', and I'm a workaholic sports agent and I'm a character worth knowing because I surprised myself when I realized that I'm a true fan of love at first sight! I couldn't believe that it happened to me! And now guess what? You can read how it happened to me! I have good news :) and bad news :(  The bad news is my excerpt will be leaving the Spotlight Read. The good news is you'll be able to read it again when you read my entire short story right here on this book blog! You read it right! Click on the OLDER POSTS at the bottom of this page and you'll find me and my novelette, in the first post which has the picture of the book 'FOUR STORIES OF LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT', right under the book's description of the stories! See you there!


     "Hey. I'm Benjamin from the second story in the collection, 'Benjamin Learns A Lesson'. I'm a character worth knowing because I realized that I needed a wake up call to see what was really important in my life. I'm married with a child, but I was only thinking about myself when I made the biggest mistake of my life. The following excerpt is for readers whose curiosity gets the better of them"........

     "Sarah, we need to talk." he started.
     "About what?" she asked.
     "About our relationship." he said as she sighed frustrated.
     "What about it Benjamin?" she asked angrily.
     "Sarah, it's time for us to see other people." he said quickly.
     "Really? Well not while you're living here." she said sarcastically.
     "Of course I won't do it while I'm living here. I won't disrespect you like that, that's why I'm leaving tomorrow." Benjamin said when he saw Nathan.
     "Why are you leaving tomorrow?" Nathan asked surprised.
     "What are you doing up buddy? You should be in bed. Come on. Let's get you back in your room." Benjamin said taking his hand.
     "Daddy, how come you're leaving us?" Nathan asked sadly.

     "Hi readers of true love! I'm Lilly from the third story in the collection, 'Lilly's Living Life'. I'm a character worth knowing because of my feelings towards affairs of the heart. My inner character comes out to accept and protect the love I find in Africa from those who don't understand the true meaning of love at first sight. I of course do know. Read an excerpt from my story"........

     The next morning the two women got ready to go on their safari. It was time for them to leave and Kalil hadn't come by yet.
     "I don't think your boyfriend's coming Lilly. I think you've been stood up." Zenora smiled as Lilly shook her head.
     "He's coming. He has to see me in this cute khaki safari outfit."
     "The only ones who are going to see your outfit are the animals. I'm sure they'll think it's cute. Come on. We better get going." Zenora said going to the door. She opened it to find Kalil standing there. Zenora sighed angrily at first then smiled as she pulled the door and closed it behind herself.
     "Kalil! We were just talking about you. Lilly thought you had stood her up. Of course I told her she was wrong to think that you would do something like that. I guess she doesn't like you as much as she's letting you believe." Zenora finished as the door opened behind her. Lilly looked at the both of them.
     "What's going on here?" Lilly asked suspiciously as Zenora quickly put her arm into Kalil's and tried to lead him away.
     "Oh, I was just telling Kalil that we thought he was standing us up because it had gotten late." she said as Kalil pulled his arm away and went back to Lilly.


     "So readers, last but not least let me introduce myself. I'm Christopher from the fourth and final story in the collection, 'Christopher Jenkins Road To Romance'. I'm a character worth knowing because I'm in love,...plain and simple. A few obstacles in the form of family problems and ex-girlfriends tried to come between me and my love's love, but love at first sight proved to be one powerful force. Read an excerpt".....

     Christopher offered to show Bethany his loft apartment. She agreed to see it and they went there only to find a surprise waiting for Christopher. Vicki stood leaning against the building smoking a cigarette and was surprised to see Bethany with him.
     "Why is she here Christopher?" Vicki asked angrily.
     "The question is why are you here? What are you doing here in Paris Vicki? Christopher asked in shock as Bethany looked on surprised.
     "I want you back Christopher. I still love you. I had to follow you all the way here."
     "How did you even know I was here?"
     "I have my ways of finding out things that I need to know and what I know is that I want you back."
     "I thought I didn't have enough money for you. Didn't you break up with me so you could marry that older guy for his money?"
     "Yeah, but it was a mistake. I never stopped loving you."
     "Well I'm sorry, but I stopped loving you. I have found someone else."
     "Who? This little tramp from the airport?"
     "You watch your mouth. She is not a tramp Vicki. She's a sweet young lady and I love her." he said as Bethany grabbed his hand and cleared her throat.
     "And I love him." she said as Vicki stared her up and down.
     "You two can't be in love. You just met yesterday. There's no such thing as love at first sight. People can't fall in love that quick."
     "Well we did and you're not welcome here so please leave." Bethany said.
     "You leave. This is a private conversation between me and Christopher."
     "Not anymore Vicki. Bethany is in my life now so whatever you have to say she can hear too."

"And that's it readers!  Hope you enjoyed yourselves. Don't forget to click on the older posts at the bottom of this page to read more on any of the above characters except for Junior and Desmond. Check them out over at the Reading Marathon,, where you can read their stories for free! 'Four Stories Of Love At First Sight' by Ashley Miller, 'The Last Barber', 'Jalebyrd's Song And Dance' and 'The Pony Tale: The Truth About Timberlin', all by DJPM, will have to purchased over at Amazon soon. Thanks for taking the time to read the above Spotlight Read. Hi, I'm tour boat guide Beaseley Barnes, a character worth knowing from the paranormal Halloween novelette 'MIDNIGHTS' which can now be read for free over on the Reading Marathon! : O  Hope to hear you reading my story soon. Oh, by the way, two more holiday free reads are waiting to be read over there too! Don't forget the other four as well! Check them all out! You'll be glad you did!

 Read the next post for a question that will keep you guessing and guessing and guessing and........
The Questionable Question....

This book blog is literally on fire and boy do we have a sizzling question for you! It will mess with your mind by making you wonder what in the WORLD could the answer be! This is when you'll realize that this intriguing question  is truly a unique mind blower! It revolves around our novellas and novelettes. If you've read the plots of the five paperbacklets and the entire short story that's posted, all are in the older posts at the bottom of the page,  you can try to guess the answer now! If it's not enough to help you come up with an answer you can read six of the stories in full right now at You'll have to wait for the others to become available for sale soon. I will let you know their release date here on the blog and on Twitter at @DJSpinStories! So are you ready to be a part of history by participating in my mystery? Good! Here is the question..............

                                             What in the WORLD do these stories have that
                                              no other story in the history of the WORLD has
                                              ever had?

Since there has not been any guesses posted in the comment section as of yet, the answer cannot be revealed right now so the guessing continues...please feel free to post your guesses in the comments section. If anyone guesses the right answer I will post it on the blog! Thanks and happy guessing!

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