Saturday, March 24, 2012


Welcome Readers to my WORLD where Everyone's Worth Knowing, even fictional Storybook Characters! I'm DJPM (Debra Juanita Phillips Miller), the DJ who spins stories, not records! This book blog was created to showcase me and my daughter's self-published fictional novellas and novelettes that I affectionately call paperbacklets. They are short stories hidden between thin paper covers (slightly similar to magazine covers) with stapled binding and xeroxed copied text which contains 75 or less pages. I want the WORLD to get to meet the characters who make our stories come to life. This blog is where the characters not only prove to the WORLD that they are worth knowing, but they prove that you are too! Why? Because you've come to this blog to read more about our characters and their stories. To read more about their stories click on the 'older posts' at the bottom of this blog. A release date for their stories will be posted soon. The next post is the Spotlight Read. It features a 'Meet And Greet The Characters' post where some of the characters from this fall's paperbacklets want to introduce themselves and excerpts from their stories to you!  So en......

"Excuse me! Excuse  me for interrupting DJ and readers, but I have to do some shameless self-promotion! Hi, I'm character Desmond Lynnzee from the paperbacklet 'THERE'S ALWAYS MORE TO THE STORY' and boy am I a character worth knowing! I am in some terrible, terrible deep trouble and to find out what I've done just go to this blog's sister blog at"........he suddenly stopped when he was rudely interrupted...........

"Hey! Who is that up there and why are you interrupting DJ?" Junior, a character from the Spotlight Read post down below, asked suspiciously as the other characters featured in the post with her wondered too.

"Uh-oh! Got to go! Now I'm in trouble with the characters below me in the next post too because I'm taking you away from reading about them! Go ahead and check them out first, then come back up here and go to the Reading Marathon at where you'll get to read my full- length novelette and two other short stories! See you there!" Desmond finished in a whisper and left as surprisingly quick as he had come.

Well readers, you see who really run this blog huh? My characters are something else! Anyway as I was saying up above before I was interrupted,.......So enjoy the following Spotlight Read below.

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